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20 January 2013 @ 06:21 pm
Fringe Finale  

No more Fringe Fridays. It was a great finale. It hit all the right notes, with emotional moments, comedy bits, action-packed scenes, and concluding with a callback to one of the most memorable moment of the series.

Walter and Peter. They are always great to watch, their relationship was the moving force of the series, and its conclusion had me in tears. The video, their hug, their final goodbye, it was all poignant and sad, but without feeling like it was being handled too heavily. It had all started with a man doing the impossible in order to save a boy, and to see him sacrificing his own happiness to grant his son a new beginning, to give the world a chance, showed how far Walter's come. He's still a mad scientist, but his heart's in the right place. And, luckily, they had some time to crack some jokes, whic was ool. Best father/son relationship, yes?

Walter and Astrid (and Gene). It's really tragic that Astrid didn't know that it was going to be their last conversation, and that she won't even remember it, but it was such a great moment. Gene was an iconic part of the lab, and it was about time Walter got her name right, so maybe those two elements weren't exactly surprising. But the scene played out brilliantly because Jasika and John were stunning together once again, one last time. I don't think I've ever seen a relationship like theirs in television, I will miss them enormously.

Peter and Olivia (and Etta). They kicked ass a lot, which was a lot of fun, and it made me think of the time, way back, when he wasn't allowed to carry a gun. How things have changed! He was so worried about her crossing over, and rightfully so, because he could not lose her too. After she came back, a small reunion, some fighting, and then, finally, back in the park. This time, Etta did reach Peter, and they went back home, and lived happily ever after, all three of them. Or, well,  bittersweetly ever after, after the credits rolled and Walter was nowhere to be found. I can't imagine them not doing the impossible to find Walter. Guess that chapter will go unwritten, but I'm happy that the pain in the ass and his sweetheart will be together for whatever comes next.

Olivia and cortexiphan. I know, LOL, but hear me out: I don't think it was bad that Olivia was not front and center this season, I think it was what was needed for the narrative. But I also liked seeing her back in action, and getting Michael was amazing, but powering off the city, and then smashing Windmark was even better because that guy had it coming.

Lincoln and Bolivia. I was half-hoping Linc would be on because of Seth being a part of TVGuide's Oral History, and I'm SO glad he was. Seeing him happy made me happy, while his guilt was very Lincoln of him, and I'd missed him so much!! Both Lincolns, to be honest. And the Charlies. Bolivia cracking a joke about her young butt was perfection, I really liked how she's changed, and how she hasn't, and how well they fitted together. I'm happy they are happy, but a part of me will always ship her with Alt!Linc because "BLOODLINE" STILL BREAKS MY HEART, and I'll stop here.

Astrid and her big brain. I've always wished she'd have a bigger part because I loved her character, so I'm glad she had quite a few moments to shine, coming up with two very important ideas to ensure that Over There was safe, and with a new way to get the energy they needed. Jasika was so good in her scene with Walter, I hope I'll see her back on the screen soon.

September/Donald. Cerveris had been great as a not-that-emotionless-Observer, but I was rendered speechless seeing him as Donald. What a difference playing all range of human emotions made! He was so compelling, and empathic; I can't explain it, it's just the opposite of what an Observer should be, but it wasn't light years away from September, either, it was a truly nuanced performance. His death, while mostly un-mourned because everything after happened so fast, was very sad. After helping our heroes all this time, he was just beginning to discover what being a father felt like, and his scenes with Walter during the last episodes had been fantastic.

Parallels. There were so many, and parallels make me extremely happy! I loved the recreation of Walter and Peter crossing over with Walter and Michael, the usage of old Fringe events, Gene's special appearance, the Bullet that Saved the World, Pete eyesexing Liv attaching the electrodes, and the list goes on and on. The White Tulip at the end was magnificent.

All in all. I LOVED the first three seasons, from the season 2 finale up to season 3's, I thought it was a flawless run. But I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like the creation of the new timeline. I felt cheated, the characters and universes I'd loved and been invested in for three seasons were gone. Peter remembered, Olivia did too, eventually, and Walter more recently; but even when it was great, it was still not the same because the characters weren't the same. Then came Etta, and I adored her so much that my anger dissipated a bit. Season 5 was very solid, but it's almost like an entirely different show. The finale closed off the season pretty well, partly thanks to the characters knowledge of their past, so I appreciated how they honoured many of the things that the reset had taken away.

I'm gonna miss these characters, I'll miss the crazy cases, Walter's food fixation, the unique relationships, the alternate universes, the cast, the 19th episodes, the sci-fi of it all... Fringe, my very favourite thing, I'll miss you. May amber keep your white tulip shaped heart alive in every universe. I'll keep looking up.

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