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01 March 2013 @ 06:25 pm
The Walking Dead comics  
I read The Walking Dead comics... as in, I don't know, 104 issues in 2 days. Yep, trust me, I know.

I had started them in January, I was actually reading the 3rd on the plane to Brazil, but then it was all vacations and I left it there. But this Wednesday I went into READ ALL mode, and I just could. not. stop. until I was done, which was yesterday night/or today at 2AM, however you like to put it.

HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS, KIRKMAN! I have NEVER EVER been more HORRIFIED about anything ever. The 100th WAS THE WORST. I've no words for it. That was seriously fucked up. I mean, there's so many times when things are horrible and wrong, but that was actually on the page, nothing left to the imagination, all there. And it's not TV or a movie, you can't close your eyes and wait for it to go away. Hell, I've never closed my eyes and waited for anything to go away!!! But here, I had to look to be able to know what was happening, and all the while I was envying how every character but Rick was looking away as it happened. And then tears ensued, because WHAT THE FUCK? IT WAS GLENN, HOW DARE YOU, KIRKMAN? THAT just, ugh. The only good thing that came out of that was Steven Yeun's HILARIOUS piece on the Letter Hacks! But it doesn't make it any better, although it was to be expected seeing as Maggie was pregnant, and Sophia was better, and that was just too much happiness and we can't have that.

Which takes me to... Rick & Andrea. I ship it SO hard. I was shipping it in the show the first time around, then again when I got back to it. Later on I was spoiled about something brewing between them in the comics, and last week's episode was all asdfghjkl, and now I've actually read the comic, so I've got all the feels! They are both SO badass and amazing, which they also are on TV, but there are certain moments when I just have to stop reading and clap at their awesomeness. I'm scared, though, because you just know that Kirkman is gonna let them reach a tiny bit of happiness only to kill her and make Rick's life more miserable. IAMGONNACRYSOMUCH, you guys!!!

Bullet points:

  • The comics got me really scared about Judith. It's almost better if TV!Judith hadn't survived, because TPTB are the worst, so I know that now they will kill her in the most horrible, hurtful way possible, and Rick is going to be devastated and it's gonna hurt like a motherf*cker.

  • Michonne and the Governor... that's... just no. I'm glad that TV!Governor didn't go that far with Maggie, and I'm hoping he won't be cutting Rick's hand seeing as it was inconvenient when writing Comic!Rick, but he still needs to die painfully.

  • The twins... and Carl... JFC, Kirkman's mind works in the most twisted ways. Comic!Carl losing his eye, then going after Negan was also crazy, Andy Lincoln's right: Chandler Riggs has the coolest job ever.

  • Dale was so annoying! Don't get me wrong, I didn't particularly love him in the series, but I was actively rooting for his demise in the comics...

  • ... but not like that. The Hunters were disgusting.

  • Carol was so NOT like TV!Carol! That was one of the biggest differences, with Sophia being alive.

  • I don't have it very clear, but I don't think that the girl from TV!Tyreese's group is his daughter, so I'm hoping they'll skip the "Pact of Death" part. Please?? And I really want him and Rick to be friends like in the comic.

  • I'm looking forward to Michonne getting some love, whether is Tyreese or not, I think TV!Michonne could use some softening (plus more lines, and less dissaproving looks), and I don't see anything else bringing it out ATM.

  • I've been waiting for Morgan to show up again since, basically, the Pilot ended, I hope he'll be back on the show, too.

While I've mentioned many things that I want to see, the truth is that I can't even be sure of which character will make it to the next episode. They've got no problem deviating from the source material, and that's a good thing, otherwise it'd be extremely boring. It's honestly amazing how good both the comics and the series are while being their own thing.