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30 March 2013 @ 01:07 am
The Walking Dead: 3x15 + Finale spec  
"This Sorrowful Life"
I'm not a big fan of Merle, he's been an a-hole for the most part, a funny one at times, but an a-hole nonetheless. His last episode was good, we got to see and understand more of him, and I was quite surprised by Rooker's performance. I think his personality is quite close to Merle's in a lot of ways, so it was great to see him out of his element, particularly during that last drive with Michonne.

But I disagree with those calling him a "hero" or saying that he's redeemed himself because of the events of this episode. He didn't save the group, he didn't save Michonne. I think he acted heroically, if you want, when he went to the meeting point and shot as many of The Governor's men as he could, but I don't think that that is enough to forget all the bad he's done. There was good in him, sure, but it was buried quite deep, and it's just too little, too late.

I cried, I'll admit, but I blame it on Norman. He looked like a little kid, so helpless and lost and hurt, it was heartbreaking. And I have siblings, so just the thought of being in Daryl's place... *shudders*

Was this episode pre-finale material?
I think the first half of the season was faster than the second half, but I thought the slower episodes were necessary, so I wasn't really bugged by the pace. This episode was the only one were I felt that they had written a whole episode out of something that didn't really need as much time or attention. I believe they can fit the confrontation and set up season 4 in one episode, it'll surely make for a hell of rollercoaster ride, but I see the point of those who would've wanted to see the finale spread over two episodes instead.

Finale speculation
I'm pretty sure that Woodbury's gonna come knocking... and that no one's gonna be at the prison to answer. I think Team Rick will be in Woodbury, and that the war will take place there, as soon as Phillip & Co. realise that Rick anticipated their move. I'm hoping that it'll take them enough time to get back to Woodbury for Andrea to be rescued. By whom? I'm not sure, I'm guessing Milton may have a part to play there (and maybe Tyreese too?), either freeing her himself or by leading Michonne or Rick to her, once he learns that she never made it back to the prison and that Phillip was lying.

Who's gonna die
Team Rick: I'm hoping they won't kill Judy, but I've been ready for it since she was born (babies and TV are not a great match, and they simply adore breaking Rick's heart to pieces), so I'm hoping I won't be a complete mess about it if it happens. I also think that Hershel, Beth and Carol, in this order, are the ones most likely to die. Glenn and Maggie have reached a new level of happiness, which works as an omen of bad things to come, but I just don't want them to die, so I'll hope for the best.

Woodbury: I do think The Governor's chapter will end next Sunday, and I think he'll be offed by either Andrea or Rick. I've got a feeling Sasha and Allen will be goners as well. I can't quit make up my mind about Milton, though. He'd be a really interesting new member of Team Rick, but I also think it's likely that The Governor will kill him and/or that he'll sacrifice himself.

I just HAVE to say this: I find it hilarious, in the not-funny-at-all way, that the same people that insult Andrea because she didn't realise that The Governor was evil. praise David's and TPTB's new take on The Governor. It's rich: they looooove how The Governor's been portrayed, some even felt bad for him when Penny died, and thought that "maybe he wasn't so bad." Then they turn around and hope Andrea'll die because she didn't know... as if she had read the comics or seen what was happening on the series while she wasn't on screen! People suck. I hope those who were happy that she was captured, and were delighted with the prospect of her getting tortured step on a lego. Repeatedly.
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