June 13th, 2012

Marvel - Evanstan

The Avengers review

What a perfect movie! I just can't believe how amazing it is, but at the same time, it's just SO very Whedon-like that its brilliancy should be expected.

Joss Whedon brought everything to a whole new level: he got great performances out of everyone, he fleshed out every character -even the ones who were already very much defined and developed-, threw some jokes at all the right times, found a perfect balance between emotional moments and action sequences, and had a central plot that tied everything and everyone together.

All the other movies were structured pretty much in the same way: the first 30 minutes were dedicated to introducing the hero, and throwing in some background information. Then came a bit of development of the central conflict, a little fight to show off the heroes' powers and abilities, and then the last 30 minutes for the big battle.

But this one is nothing like that. Yes, there's an introduction, but the last hour and a half consists solely on big and bigger fights! I was having trouble imagining how big of a baddie they'd need to make me believe that the heroes weren't going to win right away, but they totally managed to do it! At a certain point, I was counting heads, like "ok, how many heroes are there, because I don't think it's enough." And yeah, I knew they were going to win, they are The Avengers after all, but I've been ~Whedoned before, I wouldn't have put it past him to kill one of the good guys at the last second.

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