February 15th, 2013

Marvel - Evanstan

TVD: "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Just some things I want to point out, and I think most fall under "unpopular opinion," so beware!

If anyone's gonna get him to give it up, it's Caroline.
Maybe he doesn't have to give it up. Klaus is stuck in Elena's house by Bonnie's spell. He can't go anywhere. There's only so many places you can hide a three-foot piece of metal.

Just cause it was all the Steroline I got, with some shade of Klefaroline in between.

I know why you would wanna take it, but, what I'm saying is, why didn't you tell me?
'Cause it had nothing to do with you. I mean, you know how much I wanted a human life with you. Being human myself, being normal, that's something I've wanted since long before I met you.

LOVED this, love how Stefan's been telling it like it is since finding out about Damon and Elena. And also, there you go, Elena! Evidence that the world was here before you got to it.

Your attachment to your friends will be the end of you.

If they were throwing actual anvils at us, it'd be more subtle of a foreshadowing.

I can't take it, I mean, not above everyone else who deserves it just as much as I do.

Because, sure, Elena, you are obviously among those who deserve it the most... Was Elena always this conceited? I cannot stand her anymore, becoming a vampire was the worst thing, even worse than I thought, and, at this point, I just want her to die.

There's only one, so it's not like I'm gonna get it anyway.

Spot the difference between this and what Elena said... My baby girl, flashes of how "she tries so hard, and she's never the one" coming at me...


If you thought it was anyone but Katherine, you haven't been watching this show right.

If I didn't know better, I'd say you're becoming a half-way decent person.

I think TPTB have never heard of what I like to call "don't tell me, show me" rule. I know that Damon's not a decent person (is a vampire even a person?) because they've shown me as much. All he cares about is Elena, and everyone in between is disposable, which I know is enough for Elena, but it's not enough for me.

Don't worry, love, you know I'd never hurt you.
You've done enough.
I've done more than enough. I've shown kindness, forgiveness, pity. Because of you, Caroline, it was all for you.

He hurt her LAST EPISODE. I don't care for the concept of love this is selling, if he were truly in love with her, she wouldn't have need to be saved in the first place.

I've given TVD the benefit of the doubt for far too long, but I guess it's time to say it: the Klaroline I wanna see is not the Klaroline that's on my screen. I rolled my eyes as Klaus claimed that he and Caroline were the same because I believe that the reason he likes her is because of how different they are. Caroline wants to stay a vampire for many reasons, but I think that being strong and fearless helps her deal with Klaus in a way she wishes she could have dealt with Damon.

So, as things are right now, having her cave in to Klaus would be in detriment of her character because the show is making out of Klaus's struggle with his humanity another Damon. That didn't work for me the first time around, and they aren't even subtle about it this second one. We had Damon waxing poetic about his evil ways to Klaus, giving him tips on How to Be the Actual Worst and Still Get the Girl. Then we were supposed to think that him biting Caroline was him "being evil with a purpose"? And now "it was all because of her" because Klaus can't be selfish with her, right, show? Don't go there, TVD, just don't.

There are quite a lot of different opinions about what should, and should not, be considered abuse in a supernatural show. Caroline exploits Klaus's need to show off his power to her advantage, while Klaus uses it as leverage. There's a power play of some sort there, but it's not even because Klaus, a hybrid, is far more dangerous to Caroline, a newbie vampire, than she is to him. The real problem comes in when this abuse/power play is not acknowledged as such, or when there's a spin to it that makes it seem okay. Like what they do with Damon, time and time again, with him putting Elena over everyone else, and that somehow justifying his poor treatement of everyone whose name's NOT Elena, and with Elena actually supporting this train of thought. Or what they did yesterday, with Klaus claiming that every good thing he's done was because of Caroline, even though that includes him saving her, which in turn translates his almost killing her as something he did FOR her. We all know he actually did it to show Tyler that, even when he's trapped in Elena's living room, he's still the one with the most power. It had nothing to do with love, and if that's Klaus's definition of it, then he's got it all wrong. I would expect the series to make a point out of it, or to at least not have Caroline falling into his arms considering that his love almost got her killed, and made a fugitive out of her boyfriend.