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The Avengers review

What a perfect movie! I just can't believe how amazing it is, but at the same time, it's just SO very Whedon-like that its brilliancy should be expected.

Joss Whedon brought everything to a whole new level: he got great performances out of everyone, he fleshed out every character -even the ones who were already very much defined and developed-, threw some jokes at all the right times, found a perfect balance between emotional moments and action sequences, and had a central plot that tied everything and everyone together.

All the other movies were structured pretty much in the same way: the first 30 minutes were dedicated to introducing the hero, and throwing in some background information. Then came a bit of development of the central conflict, a little fight to show off the heroes' powers and abilities, and then the last 30 minutes for the big battle.

But this one is nothing like that. Yes, there's an introduction, but the last hour and a half consists solely on big and bigger fights! I was having trouble imagining how big of a baddie they'd need to make me believe that the heroes weren't going to win right away, but they totally managed to do it! At a certain point, I was counting heads, like "ok, how many heroes are there, because I don't think it's enough." And yeah, I knew they were going to win, they are The Avengers after all, but I've been ~Whedoned before, I wouldn't have put it past him to kill one of the good guys at the last second.

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TVD icons

I never posted anything about The Vampire Diaries here (mostly due to the fact that I barely ever post here, shame on me!) but I do watch it, and I'm very excited about season four, and hoping for lots of Steroline and Klaroline! I've made some TVD stuff for my Tumblr, but I never got around making icons, so here's the first batch, and it is all Caroline cause she's the best. Enjoy!
[16] TVD: Caroline Forbes

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Fringe icons

Hey there!
I actually started making these ages ago, but I could never finish it for one reason or the other. I finally decided to work on a batch, so here they are! It's quite a mix: there's Polivia, Peter, Olivia and Faux!Livia.Icons:
[44] Fringe

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Dair icons, "The End of the Affair?"

Hello! Haven't posted in a long time, so Happy New Year to everyone!
Tumblr's been taking up all of my time, but I got inspired today, so I had to post these. Despite being a ridiculous episode and having so many things that are SO horribly wrong, Dan & Blair remain flawless. So here are some icons from Gossip Girl's "The End of the Affair?"
[29] Dan & Blair

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Gossip Girl review: Yes, Then Zero

"Take me there." "Okay."

I feel like crying just thinking about everything that happened between them. I just, I can't even begin to put my thoughts together, I actually tear up/cry/shake each time I watch their scenes, it killed me. But it's awesome.

Dan's basically chilling out, and then it happens: life's like "NO YOU WON'T FORGET BLAIR WALDORF AND HER IMPEDING WEDDING." He's reminded again that he's friends with Blair, friends.


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Gossip Girl RAGE

I'm so... I haven't posted in AGES, I know that, but... man, I need to let this out.

If you've seen Gossip Girl yesterday, you know what I'm talking about...

What on Earth...? No really. WHAT THE FUCK?

Chuck humiliates Blair, Chuck trades her for his hotel, Chuck doesn't tell her how he feels, Chuck can't watch movies with her, Chuck can't do "pure and simple love," Chuck pretends to propose to her after sleeping with another woman, Chuck forgets all about her in a second, Chuck falls for someone else, Chuck doesn't want her to be happy, Chuck wants revenge when he's the one who always fucks up, Chuck needs her, Chuck is the love of her life and so on...

Seriously... I can't... I can't!

Have you guys read the Josh Safran interview?
Have you?
It's a fucking shame for humanity that ANYONE on this world would try to see what Chuck's done to Blair in a shining light, when he's fucked up, time and time again he's done everything he could to make her unhappy. But some people are still trying to justify him.

And he trying to make it as if Blair doesn't mind it, as if Blair is fine with it because Chuck would never hurt her... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? HE HURT HER LAST NIGHT, HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE EPISODE?

"I thought it was interesting that Chuck actually grabbed her and that the consequence of that fight was Blair had the most perfect, beautiful, dainty injury, which are two symbolically significant things."

What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? What a bitch... she's always shipped pure shit, but calling her SCAR "PERFECT"? What is the matter with you??

I can't... seriously, I will keep my faith on Dair because no one will ever stop me from doing that, no one, I see things in the best way there is and always hope for the best.

BUT if Blair EVER takes Chuck back... I will officially move to the UES and get Dan all for me, because obviously NO ONE deserves Mr Labrador more than me.
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It started as an amazing show. It had fresh faces, talented performers, funny storylines.
Now is all about the guest stars, the sexual-confusion and bad-hip songs.

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Gossip Girl

I have no idea what's gonna happen with Dair, but I'm gonna pretend that I trust TPTB to continue the remarkable job they've done so far. 
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